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A tool allowing to create, edit, and burn any ISO file
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Disc images can be used in a number of ways: sometimes they are used to back up your data, they are needed for making a private DVD copy. There is a large number of ISO managers on Internet: some can burn disk images, some can create them and some can modify them. But there is barely any software able to do all three of those tasks: most of them can do only one or two of them. PowerISO comes as a convenient solution to this problem.
The most known disc image type is ISO; PowerISO not only supports ISO files, it can also work on many formats like BIN, NRG, CDI, DAA etc. You need to create, burn, modify, or convert a disc image? Then you're lucky since this is the exact aim of this software. Not a simple disc images manager, PowerISO can encrypt, compress, convert and extract supported disc images. Imagine you're having a disc image featuring confidential data (e.g. an image you use in your work) and you don't want unauthorized users to have an access to it: you only need to open your image, click on "Tools", click on "Convert", change the format to DAA, click on "Advanced properties", then click on "Enable Password protection", enter your password, convert the image and here you are; you image is converted to .daa and is protected by the password you've just entered. Only people knowing this password will be able to use and access the content of the disc image.
PowerISO features a shell integration: if you right click on a disc image, you can easily extract or even mount the image: if you mount the image, your computer will think there really is a disc inserted with the content of your disc image.
Bottom-line: Very good software, complete, and does its job well. If you're looking for a paid solution then this software will probably be the best choice.

John Static
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  • An all-in-one application: you can create, modify and burn images
  • Supports a great number of formats
  • Shell integration


  • Free version can't support files larger than 300mb
  • Only available on the Windows platform
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