PowerISO 7.7

Processes CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray disks, and various image files
Burns and copies CDs, DVDs, and BDs. Creates and mounts virtual images of disks on your PC. Supports ISO, BIN, CDI, DAA, NRG, and other image formats.

If in search of a comprehensive image disc utility with a wide range of other useful tools, PowerISO is an excellent choice to consider. It not only creates and decompresses ISO image files, but also allows you to create and burn all kinds of discs, including data, video, and audio CDs, DVDs, and BDs. Besides, it offers you tools to convert your audio and image files or convert between ISO and BIN disc image files.

Discovering the plethora of tools and options available in PowerISO is fairly simple thanks to the program’s clean and clear interface. Sometimes, it’s like going back 20 or 30 years back in time, especially when you come across VCD and SVCD creation tools or an option to create an image file out of a floppy disk! These old – and even obsolete – formats mix perfectly with the newest Blu-ray discs and all the rest of the latest disc and drive types, including USB external storage devices.

When it comes to creating and burning recordable discs, PowerISO couldn’t be simpler to use. In most cases, all you need to do is select the type of discs, drag the files you wish to include in it, and follow the instructions. The program will inform you of the space available on your target disc and will guide you seamlessly through the entire creation process.

However, what makes this program somehow different from many other simpler disc recording tools is its great choice of extra tools. You can mount virtual drives; append data to re-writable discs or erase them completely; copy CDs, DVDs, and BDs or create image files of their content, and rip audio CDs and convert their audio files. You count with various USB tools – you can create bootable USB drives, USB drive image files, or clean an entire USB drive. Together with the above-mentioned couple of floppy disk related tools, you’ll also find in the Tools menu a file format converter, a file compressor, a file tester, a disc viewer and tester, and a checksum creator.

These tools are what make PowerISO a very special tool among the wide choice of disc creation utilities available. This is not a free tool, but it is not an expensive one either. If you happen to deal with discs frequently enough, I believe this is an option you should explore. You won’t be disappointed.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports VCD and SVCD discs
  • Produces USB bootable discs
  • Converts audio and image files
  • Compresses image files


  • Supports obsolete disc formats, such as floppy disks
  • Supports ISO and BIN as the only image formats for conversion
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